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You are also encouraged to take advantage of the services of our interpreters during conferences, congresses, symposiums, training courses, workshops, seminars, business meetings, international fairs, or other events both in Poland and abroad. We offer interpreting services by experienced translators who are specialists in the discussed issues. As we are aware of the fact that an interpreter and their services are often decisive of the image and reputation of our customer or even the success or failure of an event they organise, we offer our customers only the best conference interpreters with long-term experience, impeccable manners, and looks.


Interpreting modes:

  • consecutive interpreting – e.g. during business negotiations or meetings, courses, presentations, press conferences, events and other situations, for a small group of listeners; an interpreter renders the speaker’s statements each time after several sentences, during breaks in the speech;
  • simultaneous interpreting – e.g. at conferences, congresses, training courses, seminars, and other sessions with more participants; interpreting in real time with the use of specialist equipment and in a special booth (by a pair of interpreters); interpreting the speaker’s message while they are continuously speaking; thanks to the use of conference equipment, conference participants from various countries can listen to one speaker simultaneously;
  • whispered interpreting – kind of simultaneous interpreting for one person or a small group; translating into the listener’s ear, without special equipment for simultaneous interpreting;
  • interpretation by sworn translators – e.g. when signing a notarial deed, a contract, at the meeting of shareholders, in official institutions; interpreting by sworn translators having a licence granted by the Minister of Justice;


If necessary, we can also offer specialist interpreting equipment for rental.


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